I’ve come pretty far since I left the corporate world a couple of years ago. And by far, I mean that literally. I used to be a corporate drone working in a crowded office in London. Since I quit my unsatisfying day job, I’ve traveled far and wide. I’ve been to exotic locations and had a fair share of excitement and adventure!

But the unique part of my story is that I’m not some girl sitting on a large trust fund  –  it’s pretty easy to quit your job to travel the world when your parents give you money, right? But I’m not like that. I still have to earn while I hop from one exotic location to another. These earnings help me maintain my digital nomad lifestyle. Without these earning methods, I would have no choice but to go back to my cramped, dimly-lit cubicle. There’s no way I’m going back to that life-draining situation, so I keep earning, and I keep traveling.

I didn’t realize that my digital nomad lifestyle was unique until I met a pair of American vacationers on a beach in Bali. To them, this was just that  –  a vacation. During our talks, they told me about how they dreaded having to go back to the dreary 9 to 5 world. They were pretty surprised to discover that to me, this wasn’t “just” a vacation. This was my life!

They asked me how I could sustain my digital nomad lifestyle. So I told them about all these cool online earning methods I use. I shared with them my tips and tricks to saving money and living frugally while you’re out on the road. I must have sparked something inside them, because a year later they became digital nomads, too.

And that’s when I realized I want to share my earning methods and tips with a broader audience. So I started the NomadTips blog. This blog will document my journey away from the corporate rat race. But the main point of this blog is to give everyone a way out of that situation. If you’re stuck in some office somewhere, I hope my blog encourages you to take that first step into freedom and adventure. If you’ve already committed to the digital nomad lifestyle, I hope you find some new useful information here.

Right now I’m writing this intro while lounging around one of the pristine beaches in Vietnam. The view is spectacular, and the tropical weather is splendid. Here’s hoping you get to experience the same feeling of bliss and freedom very soon